2019 January:

Visit us at the upcoming Photonics West 2019 Exhibition.    

This year we are exciting to present the following new products: 
* LiDAR sensor/module for Robotic Mapping/Navigation & UNMANNED vehicles.
* Optical sensor/module for Fingerprint/Biometrics
* CIS modules with VIS, IR & UV for currency validation

You are very welcomed to explore with us for all of  our excellent optical solutions as well.

2017 May:

CMOS is proud to release C608, an leading optical FINGERPRINT sensor for BIOmetric authentication on smartphones, tablets etc.

CMOS Sensor, Inc. President Bill Wang pointed out:

With the capability of scanning through thick glass including 2.5D cover glass, C608 offers a perfect solution to eliminating glass cut-out or thinning which are required by contemporary capacitive fingerprint sensor.
Not only the manufacturing process is simplified, the C608 delivers high resolution and high performance, making it possible for the industry to achieve clean, button-free designs.

For more detailed information, please view the link.

Please contact CMOS Sensor, Inc. sales at sales@csensor.com

2015 June :

CONPUTEX Best Choice Golden Award 2015 --- Micro USB scanner with C358 LIS Module by CMOS Sensor Inc.

Marson, a leading company in the Auto-ID and data collection industry, has won the 2015 Best Choice Golden Award for the MT1195 Micro USB mini barcode scanner for mobile POS and mobile data collector, such as smart phone and tablet with enterprise-level barcode scanning capability.

The success of MT1195 relies on the robust and compactness of C358 LIS (Linear Image Sensor) module, which includes sensor COB (Chip on Board) and lens together. The conventional method mounts packaged sensor IC onto PCB via SMT process; while in LIS module method, sensor is die-mounted directly onto PCB via COB process with the advantages of less space and minimal offset. Consequently LIS module is able to achieve the very compact bar code engine with high accuracy.

The C358 is sensor chip with 1K active pixels and resolution of 3,200 or 6,400 (selectable).  Besides C358, we also have 2K and 4K active pixels devices in our portfolio to compose various LIS modules. 

Undoubtedly, these are the best devices to be used in a wide variety of embedded applications such as barcode scanner, LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), multi-touch screen, edge detector, positioning, spectrometer and optical encoding etc. 

Quoted by our President Dr. Bill Wang:  “Using C358, one can design a smallest bar code scanner in the world.  The scanner engine can be well adapted for the embedded system for applications with limited space, e.g. smart phone, coffee machine, robotic vision, spectrometer….”

The award news are posted at the following websites:

Computex Best Choice Golden Award 2015


 2015 Best Choice Golden AwardMicro USB Mini Barcode Scanner:


2015 March :

CMOS Sensor has rolled out a new sensor chip C128 since the middle of 2014. It features high performance, low power, low noise and very high pixel clock rate up to 25 MHz.

M128 series is a new CISM family using C128. Several M128 CISMs have been successfully evaluated for ultra-high speed scanner applications, especially for banknote or currency validation.

Please refer to our updated CISM road map for more detail information.

2013 October :


CMOS Sensor has successfully developed the new C118 sensor chip, specially for high speed banknote detection.

This new C118 can support up to 10 MHz clock rate, it has been adopted by major company for high speed banknote scanners with great precision.


CMOS Sensor has also offered M118 series, the standard CIS modules, to customers for making counterfeit scanners.