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Laser Displacement Module (CLDM)

Laser distance module LDM

This CLDM is composed of a sensor board with a CMOS Sensor Inc. proprietary linear sensor array and MCUs, a lens module, a laser module, USB interface, WiFi interface in a compact plastic housing.


The CLDM module is based on LiDAR technology with triangulation algorithm for precise, high-speed non-contact object measurement or inspection. With ambient light cancellation, it has strong anti-interference ability, is suitable for environments with/without lighting and indoor/outdoor conditions


With own proprietary sensors and COB (Chip-on-Board) facility, CMOS Sensor Inc. is offering OEM/ODM support for customers’ requirements and applications.


  • Ambient light cancellation, strong anti-interference ability, for light/no-light environments.

  • The laser power complies with Class 2 laser safety standards.

  • The standard detection distance range is 100 mm ~ 200 mm.

        (Support customization for different distance ranges)

  • High-speed ranging, ranging up to 1500 Hz (support customer customization).

  • Compact, low-power & durable apparatus for industrial applications.

  • High accuracy, excellent ranging stability; small ranging error.

  • USB plug-n-play, PC directly control & receive data.

  • Technical and usage support.

  • Support customization for different communication formats: RS485, IO-LINK, Ethernet.

  • OEM/ODM support with SDK ready



  • Electrical and electronic industries

  • Semiconductor and display panel/LCD industry

  • Food and pharmaceutical industry

  • Resin and rubber industry

  • Automotive industry

  • For inspect/measure: displacement, thickness, vibration, distance, diameter shade & shape.

LDM diagram
Laser distance module applications

Specifications of CLDM-150mm:

Table of laser distance module information
table of laser distance module specification

*1: DC30V range rated NPN open collector output: max. 50 mA

*2: DC30V range rated PNP open collector output: max. 50 mA

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