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Document Scanning Sensor Technology

Our M206-A3C CIS is specifically optimized for flat bed scanner applications. This module uses our exceptionally sensitive C206 silicon, with sensitivity of over 300 volts/lux second.   This sensitivity is enabled by a 2,500 sq micron of sensor area for every pixel. The M206-A3C is over 12 inches long, with over 7,200 pixels. Thus, your 36 inch scanner will only require 3 sensors.


Coupled with the C206 silicon is a unique illumination system that provides up to 50 times greater illumination than other approaches.  Our lighting reduces shading, a problem that can occur on documents which have crease marks or even slight wrinkles. Dual light sources provide illumination at -45 and +45 degrees nearly eliminating shading errors. 


Proper lighting ensures high signal to noise ratio, excellent dynamic range, and a line rate of 300 µsec/line/color.  

Your document processing products are used to archive, print, process, convert, duplicate, communicate, and broadcast high quality images.  When details are important, you can count on CMOS Sensor Inc. to produce a high definition image at the speed you need to fulfill your mission. 


  • 600 DPI resolution

  • Dual R/G/B LED illumination

  • Sensitivity of over 300 volts/lux second

  • 300 µsec/line


  • Over 12 inches of scanning length

  • Reduced scanner cost and complexity

  • Dual illumination for improved signal to noise ratio

  • All aluminum construction

CIS sensor for document scanning
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