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Currency Validation Sensor & ATM Scanning Technology

Our counterfeit detection contact image sensor module is based on our exceptionally sensitive C118 silicon, with sensitivity of over 300 volts/lux second.   This sensitivity is enabled by a 2,500 sq micron of sensor area for every pixel. Your software may rely on a combination of lithography, substrate, design feature, ink feature, or intaglio analysis.  If a counterfeit’s telltale signature is there, you can find it.


Coupled with the C118 silicon is a unique illumination system that provides greater illumination than other approaches.  Not only do we provide more light, but we accomplish this in a way that reduces shading, a problem typically found in old currency or new “currency” that’s purposefully wrinkled.


Dual light sources provide illumination at -45 and +45 degrees thereby eliminating shading errors.  Our commercial product is housed in a high quality aluminum excursion built to take the heat 24/7 with zero downtime. Plastic molding is also available to create compact, light weight, low power, low cost, solutions for the mobile market.



  • 200 dpi - 400 dpi user selectable

  • Four video outputs for high speed applications

  • Ultraviolet – Infrared – Red – Yellow – Green

  • Dual sided led illumination

  • All aluminum construction

  • One to four video outputs to control system cost

  • High speed user selectable 200/400 dpi silicon

  • Over 300 volts/lux second

  • Excellent signal to noise ratio

  • Aluminum construction for 24/7 use

App currency validation 100 dollar bill

Counterfeit detection scanning methods:

tec cis 04.jpg
tec cis 03.jpg
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