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2023 January

Smart Watch with Optical Fingerprint Solution - for Easy and Quick Contactless Payment, Entrance and Access









Fingerprint authentication has been widely implemented for security in data access, payment, and entrance.  A new trend in wearable devices, such as smart watches and bracelets, utilizes fingerprint simple, quick, and reliable authentication features.  For highly secure applications, CMOS Sensor Inc’s Optical Fingerprint Sensor is an ideal solution. It is capable of scanning fingerprints through thick cover glass (2.5D glass or thicker) with high resolution and high performance, making it possible for the industry to achieve clean under-glass, in-display, and water-proof designs.          


For the new generation of smart watches, OLED has been vastly used due to its great clarity, appearance, and quality. The in-display (or under-display) is also required for its easy and simple touch. As such, the capacitance fingerprint is no longer a suitable solution, instead, the optical fingerprint sensor has become the optimal solution for the capability of deep penetration through thick glass and OLED. CMOS Sensor Inc’s optical fingerprint sensor offers a perfect solution with high precision and durability.


Smart watches with Optical Fingerprint will be a trend for simple, efficient, and quick security authentication.




  1. Contactless direct digital payment/wallet

  2. Fingerprint-secured payment (code-less)

  3. Payment QR code after authentication

  4. Besides contactless payment, it can be used as:

  • Transit/entry pay --- transportation, parking, sports/games, theaters, fare gates ..

  • Access keys ---  your car, home, workplace, hotel room, locker …etc

2023 January

SPIE Photonics West Exhibition, 31 January – 02 February 2023.

We welcome you to visit us at the upcoming Photonics West Exhibition at the Moscone Center, San Francisco. We will demonstrate our innovative products:

·        Optical Fingerprint Module (FPM) and Sensor

·        Laser Distance Rotator (LDR)

·        Laser Displacement Module (LDM)

·        Industrial Proximity Linear (IPL) cameras.


Looking forward to your visit.

IPL for Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)
news PW23 02.jpg
LDR System Development Kit (SDK)
news PW23 04

2022 August

IPL Camera – Best for Machine Vision and AOI

The IPL (Industrial Proximity Linear) camera family is designed for "WIDE" line scan imaging applications where a continuous, undistorted image is required. With our "own" sensor chips, SLA lens, LED light source and electrical circuitry housed in one unit, IPL camera is a robust, reliable, low maintenance and cost efficient solution for Machine Vision and AOI (Automated Optical Inspection).


IPL camera products are available with scan widths in 0.259-meter increments up to 3 meters. With its unequaled imaging capability, the IPL camera is suitable for inspection on any WIDE size FLAT surface panels.


When scanning WIDE surface, number of line scan cameras are required, which will induce issues such as alignment, parallax and distortion. Conversely, IPL has the advantages of • LOW profile – space saving; • SINGLE camera – no misalignment; • NIR light – safe/invisible, good for dark vision; • No image parallax and distortion; • Immune to ambient vibration; • One-to-one close and precise image capture; • Easy calibration.

news IPL01.jpg

IPL (aka wide CIS) is composed of a number of sensor chips to achieve the desired scan width. The placement manner of the sensor chips onto the sensor PCB is extremely critical for the function and performance. There are two placement methods, namely, silicon butting and silicon staggering.


The silicon butting is a convention method, as follows.

news IPL02.jpg

The gaps between adjacent chips incur the “non-uniform resolution” against the specified resolution. The actual resolution at the gaps is “inaccurate” for inspection.


Our IPL camera uses the staggering method, as follows:

news IPL03.jpg

The “staggering method” ensures the "UNIFORM resolution” across the “entire IPL”. This feature clearly can guarantee the “accuracy of inspection” and “precision for imaging”.


Please refer to the following link for more detail:


Therefore our IPL is a great tool for monitoring or inspections of battery and solar panels, OLED, glass, LCD, PCB, wafer, textile, printing, etc. The images captured by IPL camera can fulfill the machine learning, AI and QA requirement of industrial 4.0.


For a “Green environment”, material “recycling” is very important, therefore we need to recycle batteries, solar panels, etc. However, it is critical to make sure the quality of the recycled materials is good, safe and “not hazardous”.


For example, an IPL camera can be installed close to the surface of battery electrode sheets as follows: its one-to-one pixel-to-pixel image capturing can precisely detect surface holes, dents, scratches, bents, etc, Any of these defects may cause a fatal battery accident.

news IPL04.jpg

IPL camera product information is at:

IPL applications is at:


Should you be interested in our IPL camera, please do not hesitate to submit your “Inquiry” via our website at

2022 August

Wide Aperture Linear Image Sensors for LIDAR, barcode readers and optical encoders


CMOS Sensor Inc produces a series of mixed-signal Wide Aperture Linear Image Sensors, which integrate digital circuitry, image sensor array and analog circuitry into a tiny silicon chip.


The family includes C358 and C378, supporting 1K and 2K active pixels respectively, with selectable 3,200 dpi or 6,400 selectable resolutions and power down control to reduce the power consumption when not operating.


These sensors are easy to operate, in addition to the power supply inputs, only 2 clock signals (start pulse SP and clock pulse CP) are required for operation.

C378 is further equipped with an exposure (EP) control pin which allows the user to control the exposure time (like an electric shutter) during constant illumination conditions.


Besides the rectangular pixel size of 3.9um x 100um for high sensitivity, these sensors are sensitive to NIR (Near Infrared) and very effective in "Background/Ambient Cancellation", therefore, great for LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) distance scanning, LIDAR displacement sensing, barcode readers, and optical encoders.


These sensors have already been widely adopted by SLAM (Simultaneously Localization And Mapping)
applications in robotic vacuum cleaners, it is also well fit for self-navigation and autonomous robots at homes, restaurants, hospitals, airports, schools, malls, warehouses, factories, etc..

Compared to VSLAM that uses camera, LIDAR scanning has the advantages that it can work in a dark
environment and has NO Privacy concerns. 


For both sensors, PLCC (Plastic Leadless Chip Carrier) package is currently available, namely P358-P and P378-P. We also offer these sensors in a standard and customized COB (Chip On Board) platform which achieves the best optical effect, requiring only simple calibration.


Please refer to the following links for the information of sensors, related modules and applications.


Should you be interested in these sensors or modules, please do not hesitate to submit your “Inquiry” via our website at

wide aperture LIS.jpg

2021 December

SPIE Photonics West Exhibition, 25-27 January 2022.

We welcome you to visit us at the upcoming Photonics West Exhibition. It will take place in San Francisco, at the Moscone Conference Center. Our booth is #4306.  We will show up our innovative products, biometric optical fingerprint sensor, laser distance rotator & module, industrial proximity linear cameras. Looking forward to your visit.

Photonics 2022.jpg

2021 August

CMOS Sensor I Key Solution - The wisdom of Subverting Traditional Smart Lock.


We have developed an I Key solution with the following multifunctional features:


  • Smartphone a-like interface & intuitive operation, Smart and Secure Artificial IoT

  • Keyless with IN-DISPLAY optical fingerprint & rolling security codes,   on a touch+display screen, security effective & cost-efficient

  • Water resistant & anti-ESD with scratch-proof cover glass  => high durability & Outdoor

​Fingerprint & QR Code &Dynamic Password & UI Function integrated into one. 

2021 July

Intelligent TEST STRIP ANALYZER for COVID-19 self-test & similar


We are providing a Core solution of Test Strip Analyzer with the following striking features:


1) Compact, portable, cost-efficient, and USB-powered (eco-friendly)


2) Fast, precise interpreting (OPTICAL +AI), applicable to efficient self-test at home and facilities.


3) Test strip result is READ, STORED (image/data), and DISTRIBUTED accordingly


This Test Strip Analyzer has been successfully used for “African Swine Fever Virus” mass detection. With the easy development of external housing and UI (user interface), it can be an excellent and cost-efficient reader solution for various test strips.

2021 Feburary

The upcoming Photonics West 2021 Exhibition.    March 6 - March 11

Find the best solutions, components, instruments, and system providers from around the world. Watch product demonstrations, connect in one-on-one conversations with company representatives, enter giveaways, and find partnerships that will advance your work. Explore the marketplace with more than 350 companies. See the latest technology and connect with company representatives.

SPIE Exhition.jpg

2019 January

Visit us at the upcoming Photonics West 2019 Exhibition.    

This year we are excited to present the following new products: 

* LiDAR sensor/module for Robotic Mapping/Navigation & UNMANNED vehicles.
* Optical sensor/module for Fingerprint/Biometrics
* CIS modules with VIS, IR & UV for currency validation


You are very welcomed to explore with us all of our excellent optical solutions as well.

PW 2019.jpg

2017 May

CMOS is proud to release C608, an leading optical FINGERPRINT sensor for BIOmetric authentication on smartphones, tablets etc. 

CMOS Sensor, Inc. President Bill Wang pointed out: 

With the capability of scanning through thick glass including 2.5D cover glass, C608 offers a perfect solution to eliminating glass cut-out or thinning which are required by contemporary capacitive fingerprint sensor.
Not only the manufacturing process is simplified, the C608 delivers high resolution and high performance, making it possible for the industry to achieve clean, button-free designs. 


For more detailed information, please view here         . 

Please contact CMOS Sensor, Inc. sales at

2015 June

CONPUTEX Best Choice Golden Award 2015 --- Micro USB scanner with C358 LIS Module by CMOS Sensor Inc.


Marson, a leading company in the Auto-ID and data collection industry, has won the 2015 Best Choice Golden Award for the MT1195 Micro USB mini barcode scanner for mobile POS and mobile data collector, such as smart phone and tablet with enterprise-level barcode scanning capability.

The success of MT1195 relies on the robust and compactness of C358 LIS (Linear Image Sensor) module, which includes sensor COB (Chip on Board) and lens together. The conventional method mounts packaged sensor IC onto PCB via SMT process; while in LIS module method, sensor is die-mounted directly onto PCB via COB process with the advantages of less space and minimal offset. Consequently LIS module is able to achieve the very compact bar code engine with high accuracy.

The C358 is sensor chip with 1K active pixels and resolution of 3,200 or 6,400 (selectable).  Besides C358, we also have 2K and 4K active pixels devices in our portfolio to compose various LIS modules.


Undoubtedly, these are the best devices to be used in a wide variety of embedded applications such as barcode scanner, LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), multi-touch screen, edge detector, positioning, spectrometer and optical encoding etc. 

Quoted by our President Dr. Bill Wang:  “Using C358, one can design a smallest bar code scanner in the world.  The scanner engine can be well adapted for the embedded system for applications with limited space, e.g. smart phone, coffee machine, robotic vision, spectrometer….”

The award news are posted at the following websites:

1. Computex Best Choice Golden Award 2015 

 2. 【2015 Best Choice Golden Award】Micro USB Mini Barcode Scanner:

2015 March

CMOS Sensor has rolled out a new sensor chip C128 since the middle of 2014. It features high performance, low power, low noise and very high pixel clock rate up to 25 MHz.


M128 series is a new CISM family using C128. Several M128 CISMs have been successfully evaluated for ultra-high speed scanner applications, especially for banknote or currency validation.


Please refer to our updated CISM road map         for more detail information.

2013 October

CMOS Sensor has successfully developed the new C118 sensor chip, specially for high speed banknote detection.

This new C118 can support up to 10 MHz clock rate, it has been adopted by major company for high speed banknote scanners with great precision.



CMOS Sensor has also offered M118 series, the standard CIS modules, to customers for making counterfeit scanners.

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