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Surveillance Camera Sensor

Surveillance to the Power of Four - Our surveillance sensor is like having four sensors in one. On one silicon chip, we have packed four individually controllable 1024 x 1024 sensors. This sensor is specifically designed to meet the challenging needs of highway surveillance.


Every day, millions of commuters crowd the highways on the way to their destinations.  Keeping the highways safe is a challenge. With our patented sensor, one camera system can clearly visualize the license plate with high intensity headlights. Concurrently, we can extend the integration time to properly expose the receding traffic license plate.


  • Four 1024 x 1024 sensors in a single chip

  • Large 8 µm x 8 µm sensor area

  • 25 frames per second

  • Individually controllable integration time

  • One optical system with 4 separate exposure controls

  • Reduced system operating cost

  • 5 cm resolution from 1 kilometer

  • 4x light sensitivity

App surveillance pic
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