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Laser Distance Reader (CLDR)

Laser Distance Sensor module
Laser Distance Sensor concept

This CLDR is composed of a vertical board with a CMOS Sensor Inc. proprietary sensor array and a MCU, a lens module, a laser module, a DC brushless motor, all assembled in a compact plastic housing.


The ambient light cancellation is implemented, thus the CLDR is excellent for environments with/without lighting and indoor/outdoor conditions.


The CLDR is based on LiDAR technology with triangulation algorithm. Through the 360° laser scanning of a 2-D plane, a spatially precise plane bitmap is generated for SLAM (Simultaneously Localization And Mapping) purposes, which is very suitable for robot positioning and navigation.


With its own proprietary sensors and COB (Chip-on-Board) facility, CMOS Sensor Inc. is offering OEM/ODM support for customers’ requirements and applications.

Laser Distance Rotator on a rotating stand

The CLDR on a rotating stand

floor mapping and area mapping using a laser distance sensor

An example of the floor plan outline

CLDR series


  • High speed and reliable laser distance measurement for short distance application

  • Reliable laser distance measuring from 0.2 meters to 12 meters

  • Provided laser control hardware/software for the laser light to achieve class 1 safety

  • Able to scan a full 360° planar floor map with a scanning system

  • Ambient light cancellation function suitable for with/without lighting or indoor/outdoor

  • UART serial interface

  • 780 nm of Near Infrared wavelengths

  • Compact size

  • OEM/ODM support with SDK ready



  • Service robots - vacuum cleaners, homes, restaurants, hospitals, airports …

  • AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) - warehouses, distribution centers.

  • Drones

warehouse automation and robots using laser distance sensors

Specifications of CLDR-08SB :

Spec of CLDR-08SB
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