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C610 - Smartwatch Fingerprint Scanner

Digital Fingerprint Scanner Sensor for OLED and AMOLED Displays - C610

The Tiny, Secure, and Fast In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Enable your OLED or AMOLED display to perform

in-display fingerprint scanning with the C610,

the reliable optical fingerprint sensor.

Your users will enjoy the convenience of this biometric scanner.

C610 - Optical Smartwatch Fingerprint Sensor Features:

  • #1 Trending and #1 Favorite Method for Biometric Authentication

  • High resolution finger image for greater security

  • In-Display sensor allows your design to achieve less bezel and more water resistance

  • Password-less, PIN-less fast tech keeps things simple and convenient

  • Scanning through thicker display glass (> 2.5D glass), saving manufacturing cost

  • Tiny and light design

  • Sleep Mode: Miniscule battery requirement saves energy

  • Cost-efficient and sensible optical fingerprint sensor solution

background image: world's first smartwatch OLED displays with fingerprint sensors unveiled in Taiwan

A Solution to Get You To Innovation

At Touch Taiwan 2023, AUO and Gingytech unveiled the world's 1st

smartwatch OLED displays with on-display fingerprint recognition.

CMOS Sensor Inc. is honored to play a role in AUO and Gingytech's visionary innovations.

Simple authentication with your fingerprints- not limited to your phone anymore!

AUO logo OLED display manufacturer
Gingytech logo OLED display manufacturer
Crowd of People with masks

In-Display Fingerprint Sensors: The Users' #1 Choice to Unlock Smart Devices

Save your users the hassle of re-entering PINS and passwords! Fingerprint scanners have become the preferred choice for biometric authentication. This trend is everywhere in everyday life. From unlocking our phones to securing payments to unlocking access to accounts, this technology has enriched our lives with its convenience. An easy and safe solution needing only the user's finger, the fingerprint scanner has become a part of our everyday lives.

In 2021, 9to5Google ran a poll:

The #1 desired choice to authenticate on smart devices was the in-display fingerprint sensor.

gingytech debuts worlds first fingerprint scanners in oled smartwatch displays

Dazzle users with beautiful smart device designs possible only with in-display fingerprint sensor technology.

Image credit goes to Gingytech Taiwan.

Achieve a Bezel-less and Waterproof Smartwatch Design

The C610 is optical. Optical scanners surpass capacitive and ultrasonic sensors by being capable of scanning a finger image through thicker OLED display glass (2.5D glass or thicker) with

high resolution and high performance.


Choosing an optical fingerprint reader lets your module seamlessly

integrate into a clean under-glass, under-display water-proof design.

Video credit goes to AUO.

No Need to Sacrifice on Design:
An Easy Implementation that Makes Sense

Save on manufacturing cost because there is no need to thin out your device's display screen or add bezel to accommodate for this fingerprint sensor.


This optical fingerprint scanner sensor rests invisibly under the screen's surface, behind your OLED or AMOLED display. The miniscule energy consumption of the sensor means saving battery life.

The additional sleep mode allows for greater energy savings.

The tiny C610 sensor keeps the weight light.

Free your display design:



C610 Smartwatch Optical Fingerprint Sensor​ Specifications:

  • Under-glass / under-OLED or AMOLED/ fingerprint sensor

  • Supports 1.8mm-thickness panel + display glass

  • Sensing area: 4 mm x 6 mm

  • 1016 dpi: 25 x 25 µm pixel; 160 x 240 array

  • 508 dpi: 50 x 50 µm pixel; 80 x 120 array

  • 256 grey scale (8 bits) values in every pixel

  • High speed SPI bus compatible serial interface

  • Exposure time control with configurable LED_ON width

  • 1016 / 508 dpi sensor resolution select

  • Core Voltage VDD = 3.3 V

  • Interface control VDDio = 1.8 ~ 3.3 V

  • Low active power consumption Ivdd = 5 mA typical

  • Sleep modes for power saving ~ 1 µA typical

  • Scan and read out time ~ 18 ms

  • 24 MHz clock and default 1.28 ms LED_On time

Size comparison between an optical fingerprint sensor and a penny
Functional Block Diagrams
Functional Block Diagram for Fingerprint Scanner sensor
In-Display Optical Fingerprint
Optical Fingerprint Sensor Diagram
Implementing sensor C610 into module, then into smartwatch

Applications For Fingerprint Recognition​:

  • More than just for smartphones, the C610's capability to scan an image through thick surface glass has seen innovative implementations, such as in smartwatch displays.

  • Innovative fingerprints recognition use cases:

    • Digital payment/wallet

    • Password-less/ pin-less fingerprint-secured payment

    • Entry into public transportation, parking, sports/games, theaters, fare gates

    • Convenient yet secure access key to car, home, workplace, hotel room, and more!

◆ Direct digital payment/wallet

◆ Fingerprint-secured payment (Code-less)

Fingerprint scanner for payment
Smartwatch payment tap and pay

◆ Payment QR codeafter authentication

Smartwatch QR wireless payment

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Fingerprint scanning for smartwatch displays
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