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Optical Fingerprint Sensor Technology

Optical fingerprint authentication has been widely implemented for the combination of its security and affordability. A new trend in smartphones and tablets utilizes fingerprint authentication features.


CMOS Sensor Inc’s optical fingerprint technology is particular suitable for highly secure fingerprint authentication applications. The product designed and manufactured with this technology can be operated without optical lens, making it possible to obtain thin profile fingerprint modules which are important for smartphones and tablets.


This technology enables the capability of under-glass or under-display fingerprints sensing through thick cover glass (2.5D glass or thicker) with high resolution and high performance, offering a perfect solution to achieving clean, button-free designs for the next generation smartphones and tablets.


It combines all analog circuitry, digital circuitry and optical sensor circuitry on one chip, integrating active pixel sensor array, programmable gain amplifier (PGA), programmable 1016 or 508 dpi resolution, 8 bit analog to digital converter (ADC) to offer 256 grey scales of optical signal digital output, low voltage differential amplifier (LVDS) and serial peripheral interface (SPI) IOs.

The sensor chip with this technology is sensitive to UV, visible & IR. It is capable of scanning fingerprints through thick cover glass and detecting blood flow condition, heart rate, etc.

Microcontroller Compatibility

  • Compatible with micro controller (MCU) demo kits

  • Easy to communicate through MCU SPI I/O pins

  • SPI I/O emulation through MCU SPI I/O pins

  • Fingerprint Image displayed on PC through USB or HDMI

  • 2-point correction & blemish pixel correction can be implemented with MCU

fingerprint sensor functional diagram
high resolution image of fingerprint captured by fingerprint scanner
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