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Wide Aperture Linear Image Sensors for LIDAR, Barcode Readers, and Optical Encoders

August 2022

Wide Aperture Linear Image Sensors for LIDAR, Barcode Readers, and Optical Encoders

CMOS Sensor Inc produces a series of mixed-signal Wide Aperture Linear Image Sensors, which integrate digital circuitry, image sensor array and analog circuitry into a tiny silicon chip.


The family includes C358 and C378, supporting 1K and 2K active pixels respectively, with selectable 3,200 dpi or 6,400 selectable resolutions and power down control to reduce the power consumption when not operating.


These sensors are easy to operate, in addition to the power supply inputs, only 2 clock signals (start pulse SP and clock pulse CP) are required for operation. 

C378 is further equipped with an exposure (EP) control pin which allows the user to control the exposure time (like an electric shutter) during constant illumination conditions.


Besides the rectangular pixel size of 3.9um x 100um for high sensitivity, these sensors are sensitive to NIR (Near Infrared) and very effective in "Background/Ambient Cancellation", therefore, great for LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) distance scanning, LIDAR displacement sensing, barcode readers, and optical encoders.


These sensors have already been widely adopted by SLAM (Simultaneously Localization And Mapping)applications in robotic vacuum cleaners, it is also well fit for self-navigation and autonomous robots at homes, restaurants, hospitals, airports, schools, malls, warehouses, factories, etc..

Compared to VSLAM that uses camera, LIDAR scanning has the advantages that it can work in a darkenvironment and has NO Privacy concerns. 


For both sensors, PLCC (Plastic Leadless Chip Carrier) package is currently available, namely P358-P and P378-P. We also offer these sensors in a standard and customized COB (Chip On Board) platform which achieves the best optical effect, requiring only simple calibration.


Please refer to the following links for the information of sensors, related modules and applications.


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