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CMOS Sensor Inc New US Office Location

The CMOS Sensor Inc US office has moved to a new location!

4030 Moorpark Ave. #249

San Jose, CA 95117


CMOS Image Sensor Supplier

High Quality Image Acquisition From Silicon Valley and Taiwan 

CMOS Sensor Inc. is a Silicon Valley semiconductor company specializing in the research, design, and manufacturing of high-quality image sensors.


We supply businesses and organizations worldwide with quality image sensor solutions that empower them to bring their innovative ideas to life.


CMOS Sensor Inc's image sensors, modules, and camera systems can be found in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications:

  • Document scanning

  • Counterfeit detection

  • Lunar mineral mapping

  • Industrial quality assurance

  • Medical imaging

  • Consumer imaging markets

  • Robot vacuums

Businesses and organizations worldwide, large and small, have relied on CMOS Sensor Inc for over 25 years to customize and supply them with high quality image sensor solutions. 

CMOS Image Sensors and Modules

Contact Image Sensors and Modules

Contact Image Sensors and Modules

CMOS Sensor Inc designs custom Contact Image Sensors and Modules according to your requirements.

IPL Industrial Camera

IPL Industrial Camera

A low-profile and cost-efficient CMOS sensor powered machine vision camera for industrial inspection systems.

Smartwatch Fingerprint Sensor

Smartwatch Fingerprint Sensor

Tiny, secure, and fast in-display fingerprint sensor that works seamlessly under OLED displays.

Laser Distance Reader (LiDAR Module)

Laser Distance Reader (LiDAR Module)

360° LiDAR module for robot positioning and navigation through Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM).

High Resolution Image Sensor

High Resolution Image Sensor

Wide Aperture Linear Image Sensors

Wide Aperture Linear Image Sensors

cmos sensor innovation

CMOS Sensor Technologies

Document scanner utilizing CMOS

Applications of CMOS Image Sensors

Space Qualified Image Sensor for satellite imaging
CMOS Image Sensors for Currency Validation
Image sensors for automated optical inspection
CMOS image sensors for digital cameras
Image sensors for Optical Touch
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping utilizing CMOS sensor modules
CMOS sensor modules for warehouse automation


& Distributors

Businesses and organizations across the world rely on CMOS Sensor Inc's sensors, modules, and systems every day. 


To provide support, CMOS Sensor Inc has numerous Representatives and Distributors across the globe.



D&S Incorporated

Address: 774-3-213 Higashi-Asakawa, Hachioji, Tokyo, 193-0834 Japan
Call: 090-3801-3418



Unison Electronics

Address: A-3, Span Villa Bungalow, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382419 India
Call: +91-942601.7408


USA (Northeast)

Sigma Sales Corp

Address: 59 Willow Ridge Drive Smithtown, NY 11787
Call: 516-480-3655 



CMOS Sensor Inc Distributor ALRAD Instruments Limited logo

Alrad Instruments Limited

Address: Industrial Estate, Alder House, Turnpike Rd, Newbury RG14 2NS
Call: 01635 30345

Fax: N/A


Click Here to Visit Distributor's Webpage

CMOS Sensor Inc Distributor EURECA logo


Address: Deutz-Kalker Straße 35, 50679, Köln, Deutz,          Nordrhein-Westfalen
Call: +49 (0)221 952629-0
Fax: +49
(0)221 952629-9


Click Here to Visit Distributor's Webpage

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