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Introducing the IPL Camera – Best for Machine Vision and AOI

August 2022

Introducing the IPL Camera – Best for Machine Vision and AOI

The IPL (Industrial Proximity Linear) camera family is designed for "WIDE" line scan imaging applications where a continuous, undistorted image is required. With our "own" sensor chips, SLA lens, LED light source and electrical circuitry housed in one unit, IPL camera is a robust, reliable, low maintenance and cost efficient solution for Machine Vision and AOI (Automated Optical Inspection). 

IPL camera products are available with scan widths in 0.259-meter increments up to 3 meters. With its unequaled imaging capability, the IPL camera is suitable for inspection on any WIDE size FLAT surface panels. When scanning WIDE surface, number of line scan cameras are required, which will induce issues such as alignment, parallax and distortion. Conversely, IPL has the advantages of • LOW profile – space saving; • SINGLE camera – no misalignment; • NIR light – safe/invisible, good for dark vision; • No image parallax and distortion; • Immune to ambient vibration; • One-to-one close and precise image capture; • Easy calibration.​​​​

IPL (aka wide CIS) is composed of a number of sensor chips to achieve the desired scan width. The placement manner of the sensor chips onto the sensor PCB is extremely critical for the function and performance. There are two placement methods, namely, silicon butting and silicon staggering. The silicon butting is a convention method, as follows.

Conventional sensor chip placement for AOI line scan

The gaps between adjacent chips incur the “non-uniform resolution” against the specified resolution. The actual resolution at the gaps is “inaccurate” for inspection. Our IPL camera uses the staggering method, as follows:

Silicon chip placement method for comprehensive AOI

The “staggering method” ensures the "UNIFORM resolution” across the “entire IPL”. This feature clearly can guarantee the “accuracy of inspection” and “precision for imaging”. Please refer to the following link for more detail: 

Therefore our IPL is a great tool for monitoring or inspections of battery and solar panels, OLED, glass, LCD, PCB, wafer, textile, printing, etc. The images captured by IPL camera can fulfill the machine learning, AI and QA requirement of industrial 4.0. For a “Green environment”, material “recycling” is very important, therefore we need to recycle batteries, solar panels, etc. However, it is critical to make sure the quality of the recycled materials is good, safe and “not hazardous”. For example, an IPL camera can be installed close to the surface of battery electrode sheets as follows: its one-to-one pixel-to-pixel image capturing can precisely detect surface holes, dents, scratches, bents, etc, Any of these defects may cause a fatal battery accident.

EV Battery electrode sheets quality inspection

IPL camera product information is at: IPL applications is at: 

Should you be interested in our IPL camera, please do not hesitate to submit your “Inquiry” via our website at

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