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Industry Proximity Linear (IPL) Camera

The IPL camera is suitable for flat surface AOI inspection.  The IPL camera is able to extend to more than 3 meters long.  For example, Gen 8.5 LCD production line is normally used 2.2-meter time 2.6 meters of the glass substrate.  An IPL camera at least 2.25 meters long is required for this need.   


The IPL cameras are compact, robust, and all internals (lens, sensors, light source, circuitry, … etc) are housed into one unit.  They provide manufacturers with reliable, low maintenance, and cost effective solution so they are able to provide the highest quality products to their customers. The following are some examples, and not limited to, of flat object AOI inspection.


In-House Standard IPL Cameras:

IPL 01


  • Glass inspection

  • LCD, OLED process inspection

  • LCD, OLED panel inspection

  • Thin film solar panel process inspection

  • LCD Back light panel inspection

  • PCB inspection

  • Web inspection

  • Printing press inspection

  • Textile inspection

  • Metal can inspection

  • Any flat surface

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