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I KEY Solution

Disadvantages of Traditional Smart Lock

Complicated man-machine interface,  manual operation required

  • Password Unlock: Easily forgotten, can be stolen

  • Card Unlock:  Commonly misplaced lost or the cause of stress from the possibility of misplacement

  • Fingerprint Unlock: Incompatible with some fingers

  • Mobile app or Bluetooth Unlocking: Complicated settings, no-battery = locked out

  • Key Unlock: Can be lost or copied, can be lockpicked

smart lock ikey logo

Introducing the I KEY Solution:
User-friendly Interface & Intuitive Operation


  • Touch screen function: 
    1. Inductive wake
    2. Operation menu

  • High security floating password function
    0~9 Number sequence dial generation

  • Optical in-screen fingerprint
    1. Store 5-20 fingerprints
    2. Underwater & outdoor
    3. Anti-vandalism:     reinforced glass cover
    4. Anti fake 2D fingerprint
    5. Great appearance

  • Low-power PMOLED (dynamic QR CODE)
    1. Use of fingerprints in the PMOLED display screen
    2. Integration of human-computer interaction interface
    3. Display the status of human-computer interaction

  • QR CODE function
    1. Pair the device with the phone
    2. Download & install the APP on the phone
    3. User company website & service line

iKey smart lock picture


  • Smartphone a-like interface & intuitive operation, Smart and Secure Artificial IoT

  • Keyless with IN-DISPLAY optical fingerprint & rolling security codes, on a touch+display screen, security effective & cost-efficient

  • Water resistant & anti-ESD with scratch-proof cover glass => high durability & Outdoor

Product  Dimensions

iKey Smart Lock product dimensions diagram
iKey Smart Lock product dimensions diagram without cover glass


iKey Smart Lock product specifications table

Fingerprint Recognition Function

iKey Smart Lock fingerprint functional diagram

Password Function

iKey Smart Lock product password diagram

QR CODE Function

iKey Smart Lock product QR code diagram


  • Padlock

  • ​Door Lock

  • Cabinet

  • Suitcase

  • ​Safe Box

  • Gun Box

  • E Tag

smart lock application logos
  • E-Cigarette

  • Remote Control

  • U Key

  • Smartwatch

  • Keyboard

  • Mouse

  • Computer

smart lock application logos 2
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