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I KEY Solution

Disadvantages of Traditional Smart Lock

Complicated man-machine interface,  Manual required

  • Password unlock:  easy to be stolen or forgotten

  • Card unlock:   lost & illegal copy issue

  • Fingerprint unlock:  complex settings & no message status

  • Mobile APP & Bluetooth Unlock: complicated settings

  • Key unlock:  lost & illegal copy issue

i key 2.jpg
                           CMOS Sensor I KEY Solution
User-friendly interface design, intuitive operation


  • Touch screen function: 
    1. Inductive wake
    2. Operation menu

  • High security floating password function
    0~9 Number sequence dial generation

  • Optical in-screen fingerprint
    1. Store 5-20 fingerprints
    2. Underwater & outdoor
    3. Anti-vandalism:     reinforced glass cover
    4. Anti fake 2D fingerprint
    5. Great appearance

  • Low-power PMOLED (dynamic QR CODE)
    1. Use of fingerprints in the PMOLED display screen
    2. Integration of human-computer interaction interface
    3. Display the status of human-computer interaction

  • QR CODE function
    1. Pair the device with the phone
    2. Download & install the APP on the phone
    3. User company website & service line

i key 1.jpg


  • Smartphone a-like interface & intuitive operation, Smart and Secure Artificial IoT

  • Keyless with IN-DISPLAY optical fingerprint & rolling security codes, on a touch+display screen, security effective & cost-efficient

  • Water resistant & anti-ESD with scratch-proof cover glass => high durability & Outdoor

Product  Dimension

i key 3.jpg
i key 4.jpg


i key 5.jpg

Fingerprint Recognition Function

i key 6.jpg

Password Function

i key 7.jpg

QR CODE Function

i key 8.jpg


  • Padlock

  • ​Door Lock

  • Cabinet

  • Suitcase

  • ​Safe Box

  • Gun Box

  • E Tag

  • E-Cigarette

  • Remote Control

  • U Key

  • Smartwatch

  • Keyboard

  • Mouse

  • Computer

i key 10.jpg
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