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4K-pixel Linear Image Sensor  

The C640, 4000 elements linear image sensor is designed to provide high resolution, low power consumption for machine vision and spectroscopy applications.


The C640 is a mixed mode system-on-chip (SOC) IC. It combines analog circuitry, digital circuitry and optical sensor circuitry all on one chip. This chip integrates an active pixel sensor array, programmable gain amplifier (PGA), 12 bit analog to digital converter (ADC), voltage regulator, low voltage differential amplifier (LVDS) and timing generator together. These image processing functions including coarse gain control and fine gain control can be latched through an external latch start pulse.


The device can operate in Single Frame Pixel Charge Capture mode, Multi-Frame Pixel Charge Accumulation mode or Power down mode:

Key Features:

  • 4K x 1 active elements

  • 7 um x 7 um pixel size (28000 um x 7 um image size)

  • Single video readout, 12 bit resolution, serial readout mode

  • Three operational modes: destructive readout; non destructive readout, up to 32 frame; power down

  • Snap Shot Operation

  • Global exposure control function 

  • Electronic Shutter controlled by Exposure Pulse (EP)

  • Auto dark voltage cancellation

  • Fixed pattern noise cancellation

  • Programmable gain control feature: 

  • Two bits for Coarse gain of (x1, x2, x3, and x4)

  • Three bits for Fine gain of ± 10%

  • ADC input - internal PGA output or external input voltage

  • Clock input and data output are LVDS interface 

C640 ordering information: C640-XY: ​

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