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COB (Chip on Board) Foundry Technology

  • COB circuit development design, manufacturing, assembly, and testing one-stop service

  • FR4、FR5、A variety of substrate options such as flexible ceramic substrates

  • Exclusively for imaging, power supply, and RF module manufacturing technology

  • Accept small batch orders from customers

  • COB and SMD components can coexist

  • Accept COB component aspect ratio <1/25


COB Capability

  • Capable of handling six different dice

  • High Die Bond Accuracy < 50 um

  • Bond Height Differential: 0.9mm

  • Line Quantity/ Program: 3000 Max

  • Wire Diameter: 0.7mil ~ 1.3 mil

  • Loop Shape Options: 11Max

  • Bond Placement Error: 1st →3.5um, 2nd →12.5um

  • Ball Size:1.4~3 wire diameter, repeatability →0.2mil

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