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Contact Image Sensor and CIS Modules

CMOS Sensor Inc. is an expert designer and manufacturer of contact image sensors and CIS camera modules with over 25 years of engineering excellence.


While we offer standard contact image sensor modules,

we also offer customized solutions to suit your CIS module specifications.

A standard CIS module is an optical device which consists of sensor board, SELFOC Lens Array (SLA), light source within a housing sealed by cover glass. The sensor board is carefully designed with in-house linear sensor chips using silicon butting technology. One chip can be butted to another chip to form a long sensor module, the end pulse of the preceding chip is connected to the start pulse of the next chip. The length of the module can be extended from one chip up to A0 size. The key advantages to CIS modules include compact size, cost effectiveness, low power consumption, non-distorted precise image reading, easy implementation and flexible design.

Wafer for contact image sensor (CIS) chips
Contact Image Sensor
Contact image sensors in small, medium, and large size
Contact Image Sensor Module

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Contact image sensor high resolution
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