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High-Speed 4-Array 2K-Pixel Linear Image Sensor (C800)

C800 consists of four independently operable arrays with Blue (450 nm), Green (550 nm), Red (650 nm), and Near Infrared (NIR, 900 nm) filter of 2,024 imaging sensor pixels. The pixel size is 14 μm x 14 um for high dynamic range and high sensitivity to visible and near infrared (NIR) spectral band ranging from 450 to 1000 nm wavelength. It is specially designed for very high speed industrial detection, including color and shape sorting.


Besides packaged in a 48 pin DIP (dual-in-line-package), CMOS Sensor Inc. offers COB (Chip-on-Board) service for better optical performance. Camera solution ODM/OEM is also available.   

high speed 4-array 2k-pixel linear image sensor

Sensor Features:

  • Band sequence:                            on chip color filter (Blue, Green, Red, and NIR)

  • Band to band spacing/pitch:       14 μm / 28 um

  • Focal plane (Image area):             28.336 mm x 98 μm

  • All bands:

    • Pixel size:                                 14 μm x 14 μm

    • Pixel element:                          2024 active and 24 dummy Four output ports

    • Image size:                               28.336 mm x 14 μm

    • Master clock selectable:        External 28 MHz clock; internal PLL for 336 MHz clock

    • Integration time:                     40 us

    • Maximum line rate:                25 k / second

    • Output port:                             8 pairs data SDO output (B, G, R, NIR) in LVDS;

                                                                 2 data clock pulse output (data_ck; data2_ck) in LVDS

  • Output signal:                                 12 bit resolution, serial readout mode

  • Data rate:                                         > 700 Mb/s

  • Start and stop integration for all pixels simultaneously (snap shot operation)

  • Fixed pattern noise cancellation

  • Clock through LVDS interface

  • 48 pins of Dual in Line Package (DIP)

  • More than 2.8 Gb/s data readout rate

high speed 4 array 2k pixel linear image sensor

Camera Features:

  • Band sequence:                               on chip color filter (Blue, Green, Red, and NIR)

  • All bands:

    • Pixel size:                                   14 μm x 14 μm

    • Pixel element:                            2024 active and 24 dummy Four output ports

    • Maximum line rate:                  14k , 25 k frame / second

    • Data rate                                    2.8 Gb/s

    • Output signal:                            12 bit resolution, serial readout mode

    • Interface                                     USB3

    • Lens mount                                F mount

    • Dimension                                  95*91*91 mm ( L*W*H )

    • Power source                              5 VDC

    • Temperature                               0~45 °C

    • Operating humidity                   max 80%


  • Color sorting machines

  • Shape sorting machines

  • Sorting for grains, beans, nuts, plastic, ore …etc

  • OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)

4-array 2k linear image sensor for crop, shape, color, and grain sorting
grain sorting
diagram of crop and grain sorting with linear image sensor 2k 4-array
plastics sorting
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