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A New Innovation: Smart Watch with Optical Fingerprint Solution

January 2023

A New Innovation: Smart Watch with Optical Fingerprint Solution
Fingerprint sensor integration into a smartwatch



Fingerprint authentication has been widely implemented for security in data access, payment, and entrance.  A new trend in wearable devices, such as smart watches and bracelets, utilizes fingerprint simple, quick, and reliable authentication features.  For highly secure applications, CMOS Sensor Inc’s Optical Fingerprint Sensor is an ideal solution. It is capable of scanning fingerprints through thick cover glass (2.5D glass or thicker) with high resolution and high performance, making it possible for the industry to achieve clean under-glass, in-display, and water-proof designs.          


For the new generation of smart watches, OLED has been vastly used due to its great clarity, appearance, and quality. The in-display (or under-display) is also required for its easy and simple touch. As such, the capacitance fingerprint is no longer a suitable solution, instead, the optical fingerprint sensor has become the optimal solution for the capability of deep penetration through thick glass and OLED. CMOS Sensor Inc’s optical fingerprint sensor offers a perfect solution with high precision and durability.


Smart watches with Optical Fingerprint will be a trend for simple, efficient, and quick security authentication.




  1. Contactless direct digital payment/wallet

  2. Fingerprint-secured payment (code-less)

  3. Payment QR code after authentication

  4. Besides contactless payment, it can be used as:

  • Transit/entry pay --- transportation, parking, sports/games, theaters, fare gates ..

  • Access keys ---  your car, home, workplace, hotel room, locker …etc

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