CMOS Sensor Inc’s industrial proximity linear (IPL) camera technology is matchless. It provides the capability of scanning continuous, undistorted image in large scale with width from 0.25 meter up to 3 meter in 0.25 meter increments.

Each camera is designed using a series of our proprietary linear image sensor arrays, resulting in gapless image capability. Unlike the conventional inspection cameras which usually suffer from distortion due to different distances from different locations of the object under inspection to the camera, as shown in the figure below. Our IPL is free from this issue because the distances of all different locations of the object to the related sensing pixels are equal.

The image resolution is variable from 100, 200, 300, 400, and 600 dpi (dot per inch). The IPL camera is suitable for the inspection on any large size flat surface panel, such as large panel glass, LCD, OLED panel, LCD back light panel, PCB, thin film coating, printing press, textile, etc.