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Test Strip Analyzer


  • The Covid-19 Pandemic has dramatically changed people's lives from 2020. The Covid -19 test kit is very convenient and fast to enter the home or schools or industries.  but the T line of the test strip is not obvious. It is difficult for us to make accurate judgments with our eyes. Our Test Strip Analyzer uses optical sensors and AI algorithms to accurately determine negative or positive. It can also transmit images and data of test strips and store them on mobile phones or network platforms. APP and QR code can display contact information and information to prevent others from forging.

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Mechanical Structure.jpg


  • It can be connected to Android, or iPhone (Pending) smartphones & Window PC via USB .

  • Accurately read the T detection line and C control line of any kind of quick screening test strip.
    < Avoid false negative and false positive >.

  • Our APP with AI algorithm can quickly analyze the virus-positive or negative within 1 second, with an accuracy rate of over 98% .

  • Digital data management can store the detected results (image and data) in the memory of the mobile phone, which can be tracked and shared at any time in the future.

  • Provide QR CODE links to the designated websites for data transmission or appointment service.

  • Provided QR CODE can be used as paper product identity discrimination, easily tracked to avoid counterfeiting.

  • Provide QR CODE to download APP.


  • The digital Test Strip Analyzer is fast, and the accuracy is high to avoid misjudgment by the human eye.

  • Compact, portable and user friendly.

  • Applicable to group quick screening to avoid visual fatigue due to manpower consumption.

  • Data management and tracking are easy to digitalize.

  • Customers can develop the external housing to match their own Test Strip  structure.

  • Easy integration of the Test Strip Analyzer software with the APP developed by the customer.

  • Low power via USB, no battery is needed -> environmentally friendly.

Mechanical Drawing



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