Machine Vision

Industrial Imaging Camera - The i-cis family of linear CMOS imagers are designed for large format line scan imaging applications where a continuous, undistorted image is required.  Available in 260 mm increments, the i-cis family of products provides unequalled imaging capability.


  • Resolution of 200, 400 or 600 dpi

  • 18,000 Line Scans per second

  • Sensitivity up to 100 V/Lux-sec

  • Variable width in 0.26-meter increments

  • Working distance to 13 mm

  • Depth of focus ± 0.6 mm

  • Line rate and exposure time may be programmable or triggered.

  • Camera Link video output

  • Electronic exposure control

  • Single power supply operation

  • Internal or external trigger

App machine vision pic1.jpg