Laser Distance Sensor Module

The C-LDM-xx module is composed of a vertical board with sensor array and mcu, optical lens module, laser module and plastic housing to hold all components together. 

The module uses the triangular method to measure the object distance with the assistance of a laser light source and linear image sensor inside the module to form a triangular shape on the image plane. 

The distance is determined by which pixel of the linear image sensor receives the highest intensity signal from the laser light.

pro LDS module 01.png
pro LDS module 02.png

Cross section view LDM-07


  • High speed and reliable laser distance measurement for short distance application

  • Reliable laser distance measuring from 0.2 meter to 7 meter

  • Provided laser control hardware / software for laser light to achieve class 1 safety

  • Able to scan a full 360° planar floor map with a scanning system

  • Ambient light cancellation function suitable for with / without lighting or indoor / outdoor

  • UART serial interface

  • 780 nm of Near Infrared wavelengths

  • Compact size



  • Robotics

  • Floor mapping

  • Positioning and monitoring of objects

  • Range Finder

  • Drones

  • Autonomous Vehicles