Fingerprint Image Sensor

For security applications, the new C608 optical fingerprint sensor chip is an ideal solution. It is capable of scanning fingerprints through thick cover glass (2.5D glass or thicker) with high resolution and high performance, making it possible for the industry to achieve clean, button-free designs.

Most of the existing smart phone and tablet displays require cover glass cut-out to accommodate the capacitive fingerprint sensor. For the next generation smart phones and tablets, full top-to-bottom, edge-to-edge displays without any cut-out are highly desired. Glass thinning is necessary for capacitive finger print sensors. Cover glass cut-out or thinning usually adds a significant amount of cost to the manufacture process, as well as weakens the cover glass, resulting in lower manufacturing yields. CMOS Sensor Inc’s C608 optical fingerprint sensor, with the capability of scanning through thick glass including 2.5D cover glass, offers a perfect solution to eliminating glass cut-out or thinning.

The product is specially designed for applications without a lens. It is, thus, possible to make thin profile fingerprint modules for the next generation smart phone or tablet under glass or under OLED display fingerprint sensing. The C608 sensor chip is sensitive to UV, visible & IR. It is capable of scanning fingerprints through thick cover glass and detecting blood flow condition, heart rate, and more.


C608 Fingerprint Sensor​

  • Ultra Thin

  • Under-glass optical sensor

  • Sensing Area : 4 mm x 6 mm

1016 DPI : 25​ μm x 25​ μm - 160 x 240 pixel

508   DPI : 50​ μm x 50​ μm -   80 x 120 pixel

  • 256 gray scale (8 bit ) in every pixel

  • High Speed SPI bus compatible serial interface

  • Exposure time control with configurable LED width

  • 508 & 1016 DPI resolution selectable

  • Core Voltage VDD = 1.8 V

  • Interface VDD = 1.8 - 3.3 V

  • Low active power consumption ; IDD = ~ 2 mA

  • Sleep & standby mode for power saving

  • Fingerprint scan and read out time = ~ 18 ms

  • 20 MHz clock and default 1.28 ms LED on time

pro fingerprint 01.jpg